Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan is all set to release on 15 April 2016

Shahrukh Khan has been the epitome of success in the Bollywood world for a long time. One more feather that will be soon added to his wings of fame is his soon to be released “FAN” that is up for release on the 15th of April, 2016. After the poor performance of Dilwale in the box office, FAN is definitely up for a huge expectation from the fan following of Srk. The king Khan does not seem to be aging at all with his avatar of fan of Shahrukh Khan in the flick. Indeed the performance of Srk in this film is going to be seen in two avatars: one of a superstar and another of his fan.

Fan Release Date

The first and most essential cause that influenced the hype of the film is the release of the Jabra song or more popularly known as the “Fan” anthem. The song was released almost in five languages apart from Hindi. It was not only the tune or the music that spread the appeal of the movie but the song seemed to define the story of every fan’s life. This is the humblest nature of Shahrukh Khan that he always loves to reach out to his fans putting him in their shoes. Get your Fan movie download ft Shah Rukh Khan in HD.

However the story of FAN is not limited only to the song success alone. FAN has a story to offer much beyond its ordinary expectations from a fan and star relationship. It indeed redefines the entire equation shared by a Fan and his idol. It is here where the surprise of the movie is supposed to unfold and that holds on the Srk fan chains to a firm grip. Even the critics as well as the censor board are of the opinion that the film is exclusive of its kind and the box office predictions say that perhaps it is going to mint the most amount of profits this year.

Coming from the Yash Raj Home, the film is indeed expected to be a great success. The cherry on the cake is definitely our King Khan himself. Shahrukh has a lot of challenges to overcome this time with the release of FAN. The best Fan full movie download is now available here. The former failure of Dilwale, the maintenance of his star image of Aryan Khan, tuning himself into the role of a fan are the most threatening obstacles that Shahrukh has to pass through, however with a super strong script backed by SRK’s power packed acting skills, FAN is indeed expected to create a history.

Superman Video Released ft Yo Yo Honey Singh

After recovering from bipolar disorder, Yo Yo Honey Singh is back in the industry after a long gap of 1 year. These days everyone is aware about the cut throat competition in Bollywood movies. There are already a lot of singers in Bollywood. Leaving your profession for a year is a big game in Bollywood. These days Badshah is also getting a lot of popularity in India. “Dj Wale Babu” became a very big hit 2015.


Baby I am a Superman Full Video

Yo Yo Honey Singh launched the trailer of his upcoming movie on 10 March 2016 and it performed decently on YouTube. After that the first song from the movie was released on 29 March. “Raat Jashan Di” was a gangster rap by Yo Yo Honey Singh. But it didn’t became a very big hit on YouTube. Its still performing below the expectation.

We can’t comment about the popularity of Yo Yo Honey Singh in India. But it is very much affected due to a long gap of 1 year. His new video song is released on YouTube whose title is “Superman”. This is another song from his movie Zorawar. The video looks cool and funky. Yo Yo Honey Singh is looking amazing with the lead actress in the movie.


Watch Superman Video Song in HD below

Salman Khan is super impressed by Anant Ambani’s Weight Loss

‘Who says strong will and determination do not go a long way? Anant Ambani, yes, right, the obese guy whom we used to spot in the IPL matches of Mumbai Indians has shed off 108 kg in a span of only 18 months. Pinch yourself and get ready for some heavy workouts right now. Jokes apart, it is true that the junior Ambani guy was able to put in absolute dedication for conquering those extra flabs sheltered in his body naturally. He has indeed been an epitome of inspiration and even Salman Khan has acknowledged the same for this unbelievable feat of Anant.


Salman Khan, who is a fitness freak, has always been an encouraging inspirer for those who are keen to develop a well-built frame. Seeing the amazing transformation of Anant, the Bhai of Bollywood left a Tweet for him congratulating him for his unimaginable success. He also told that it is not an easy nut to crack when it comes to the shedding of 108 kilos within only 1 and a half years and thus hats off to the Ambani son for such incredible victory.


With his mindboggling transformation, Anant has established that determination and dedication can be powerful enough to combat obesity.

These days Salman Khan is busy with his family. Few days ago, he became “Mama” as his sister gave birth to a baby. Few days were left for the shooting of Sultan (his upcoming movie). Recently the teaser of the movie was released on YouTube and it broke all the records of viewership. His teaser video is watched more than 4 million times on YouTube in less than 48 hours. Its true, only Salman Khan can do such miracles.


Watch the full report on Anant Ambani’s weight loss below